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A safety glass, sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched between or more pieces of glass.


Security: after the destruction of external forces will only produce cracks, will not fall off, splash, protect the surrounding people and things from harm.
Sound insulation: PVB film on acoustic has a blocking effect, effectively blocking the propagation of sound, noise reduction, sound insulation effect is a plus.
Thermal insulation: laminated glass (especially colored laminated glass) can reduce the sunlight transmission, reduce the cost of air conditioning, save energy.
Delay fire: laminated glass in the heat or fire, will not immediately break the collapse, resulting in a longer period of time to limit the fire, conducive to the timely detection of the alarm, evacuation and extinguish. When the impact of laminated glass, and debris was stuck in the PVB, not easy to hurt, but the formation of radial cracks, but also to maintain the original shape and visibility, in a certain period of time can continue to use.
Scope of application: residential, high-rise buildings, curtain walls, lighting shed, banks, jewelry stores, shopping malls, schools, etc.,



The small high-pressure furnace
The big high-pressure furnace
Single layer film thickness:



In accordance with GB/9962 - 88